Casters and Glides

Pictured are four treatments available for your specific needs. From left to right are:
75mm dual wheel caster with brakes
60mm dual wheeled caster with polyurethane wheels for hard floor
60mm dual wheeled caster with nylon wheels for carpet

Brakes - Carpet - Hard Floor - Glides

Every caster we sell will fit any of the Link Stools ever made.

The two pictures below show the nylon and polyurethane caster for reference in reordering.

Polyurethane for Hard Floor Nylon for Carpeted Surfaces

Lift Mechanisms

Long and Short Lifts

If your seating was purchased after 1991 our lift mechanisms will fit. Please specify short or long lifts for your specific need. If you have questions about which lift you need, contact Link at 800-424-5465

Replacement Upholstery

Replacement seats, backs and arms are available for any generation of Link Stool made. We coordinate with you to determine which hole patterns you have and then send out the new upholstery. Simply unbolt the old stuff and bolt on the new. In minutes your Link equipment can be upgraded for years to come.